The Green Volunteers Issue 2 will be published on 27th July 2019

We are going to publish our 2nd Issue of “The Green Volunteers” on 27 July 2019. Congratulations to all authors and to all the subordinates who worked for the magazine. You will be notified through our Facebook Page and Website.

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The Green Volunteers 2nd Issue

We are going to publish our 2nd online magazine “The Green Volunteers”
by Asian Network of Youth Volunteers (ANYV) on 5th June 2019.

Please share your experience, research or findings here by 20 May 2019

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Team Building Activities

On 21st April 2019, Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society arranged an event on Team Building Activities for the volunteers. With a view to making a strong relationship among the volunteers and helping them to find their best potential which will make them more efficient and collaborative. The event placed on the Lakeside, Dhanmandi 32, Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are a number of participants came a long way to participate to the event.

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ANYVS President “Roshidul hasan” had participated at Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018 as a speaker

World IOT expo 2018, Wuxi,China

School Program, Chittagong

Youth Festival in Sherpur