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Asian Network of Youth Volunteer (ANYV) Society is registered in 2017 as an international society who believes in secularism and no-discrimination. Apart from the social and volunteer activities, the ANYV has successfully implemented different International projects, especially Energy Efficient and Conservation (EE&C) Business Coalition funded by JICA, Japan; Digital Economy Survey of Bangladesh funded by CETC, China, and also successfully organized Bangladesh Digital Summit 2019.

It is our pleasure to announce that ANYV Society is launching now a FREE online Non-Academic Courses, Skill Development Training and knowledge sharing initiative in a flexible way for the global community in association with One Bangladesh, StoneHenge, Cybernetics Robo Academy, and Meraquay Home Philippines, Inc. The training program also aims to foster excellent, career driven and service-oriented leadership with digital innovation for all. These types of skills enhance the trainees socially, in work, in life and even to get better job and earnings. The courses will be conducted in different sessions virtually by ANYVS’ distinguished instructors.

Why you will join;
• Learning time is very flexible. You can learn any time, from anywhere.
• Free registration for all courses.
• You can register any no. of course(s).
• All successful trainees will get certificate
• Building strong global Network.

So join us to get Free certificate and prepare yourself to lead the future. Together, Let’s #LearnToLeadwithANYV.

For more information and queries, please visit;
E-mail: info@anyv.org

Thanks and Regards.

Professor Md Roshidul Hasan
Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society (ANYV)
roshidul@roshidul.info; roshidul.hasan@gmail.com

The Green Volunteers Issue 3 is Published Online.

The Green Volunteers Issue 3 is published online today.
This is the regular publication by Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society.

Please check the link to download your copy.


Inauguration of The Green Volunteers Issue 3 by ANYV

Regular publication of Asian Network of Youth Volunteers titled The Green Volunteers is going to be published on the day of International Mother Language Day 2020, paying homage to the great leader and the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all Language movement martyred of Bangladesh. The publication ceremony will be held on The Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU). Volunteer Members of ANYV, Executive Committee Members, Writers will be present there.

The Program At A Glance:

• Venue: DUCSU, University of Dhaka
• Date: 21 February 2020
• Time: 2.00-4.00 pm
• Contact: +8801847126960
Program schedule:
 Assembling: 2.00-2.30 pm
 Speech of the President: 2.30-2.50 pm
 Open discussion: 2.50-3.20 pm
 Inauguration of the magazine: 3.20-3.25 pm
 Photo session: 3.25-3.30 pm
 Floral offering at the Shaheed Minar: 3.30 pm

Bangladesh Digital Summit 2019

Bangladesh is in 10th year of her journey to digitisation. The Digital Bangladesh program was launched in 2009. It aims to be at the forefront of achieving Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s vision of transforming Bangladesh into a country of digital economy by 2021 and a knowledge-based economy by 2041. A noteworthy trend in ICT is that numerous devices with new and updated technologies are rapidly replacing older devices. New technologies for the near future include 3D printing, thumb printing, broadband services for unreached, cloud computing, quantum computing, real-time speech transaction, Big data, cybersecurity, smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. New trends, techniques and devices will massively involve online activities affecting our lifestyle in Bangladesh due to a big impetus for the use of digital technologies. To enhance and adopt those technologies we are going to organize Bangladesh Digital Summit 2019. The main topic of the summit is,
1. Smart City;
2. Smart Agriculture;
3. Smart Campus; and
4. Informatization.
The BDS 2019 is jointly organized by Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society (ANYV); The China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC); The Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB); Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University (BDU); Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, and One Bangladesh.

Never Stop Dreaming

Dream has the power to take you high to achieve the peek of success……so, never stop dreaming……

Rajbangshi Summit 2019

It was great opportunity for ANYVS to be part of the summit as co-organizer. Thank you so much honorable state minister Md zahid Ahshan Russel, MP for inspiring all the member of Rajbangshi.

Rajbangshi Summit 2019

The 1st event ‘’Rajbangshi Summit 2019” which is going to be held on 14 September 2019 at Sheikh Hasina National Youth Center, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh aiming to bring more than 1000 Rajbangshi from Bangladesh, India and Nepal. With the theme, “Rajbangshi for Multi-Cultural World: Challenges and Opportunities”. This summit is jointly organized by Rajbangshi Community and Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society. The summit is in support of Zero Discrimination Day by the joint United Nations Program.

The objective of the summit is to open the eyes of the Rajbangshi people with a view to developing their life-style giving priority to 100% literacy. The Rajbangshi people of plain lands of Bangladesh with religious belief in Hinduism had the main profession of agriculture & fishing. They didn’t at all think of their own development and were remained behind the development in the years after years not sending their children to school. In the midst of hurdles in the profession, some sent their children to school giving up the greed of kachha Taka. Some of them have got higher education and moved to various profession like teacher, doctor, engineers, advocates, singers, arts & culture, goldsmith, accountants, government & non-government services like polices, bankers, and in many other honorable profession and some got into independent business and foreign currency earners who remit a huge amount of foreign currency to Bangladesh.

Summit would also be to make them understand about the challenge and limitations of their existing profession and how they can survive with better lives and better profession with honor and dignity keeping their heads high in the society. It is also aimed to be connected, organized, disciplined and spontaneous structured society uniting the people of Rajbangshi community with a strong economic framework, ensure 100% quality education to remove the superstition, evil custom and unemployment of the community. The summit will be a day-long event wherein the participants will set a communication bridge among themselves and exchange ideas to develop their personal and social interests, exchange idea to educate their children, to get job information for the educated community people and also get benefit from the doctors, engineers, professional accountants, advocates, artist, nurse and etc.

The Summit would include the program schedule as follows:

• Present a keynote paper for the development of Rajbangshi people with critics and floor discussion;
• Greet the talented & meritorious students of the community from PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC, Graduation and Post-Graduation and even professional arenas;
• Appreciation awards to the freedom fighters and selective persons from rajbangshi community;
• Launch a souvenir containing the credentials of Rajbangshi people;
• Cultural program. 

Apart from the member Rajbangshi, our attendees coming from every sector around the world including youth organization, government & non-government agencies, developing partners, universities, policymakers & researchers, youth organizations, social and volunteer organizations.

Event Pages:

Monthly Meeting August 2019

Monthly meeting with new members of ANYV Bangladesh chapter. The meeting was held on 24th August 2019 at TSC, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. The main agenda was to introduce with the new members of ANYV and to discuss the upcoming events.