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Photography Contest

ANYV is going to arrange a photography contest! As the quarantine time increases, underprivileged people of our society are in crisis. Lower-middle class families, financially poor families are going to suffer the most during this time. In this situation, we have decided to extend our hand to those who need them. The funds we get from the photography contests will be forwarded to the corona affected people. As there are no registration fees, we have decided to raise funds by selling the photos we get from the participants.



Days of Lockdown Photostories



Lifestyle/Black & White


Luca Lanciere

Luca Lanciere

Freelance Writer and Photographer, Basilicata, Italy

Travel/Lifestyle Photographer

Rohit Vohra

Rohit Vohra

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, APF Magazine, India

Street/ Travel photographer

Munir Uz Zaman

Munir Uz Zaman

Photojournalist, Agency France Press, AFP

Documentary Photographer