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Introduction to Robotics


Hasib Al-Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer
Cybernetics Robo Academy

Number of Classes: 5
Duration of each class: 40 minutes

Training Outline

Class 1:
1. Concepts of Robot and Robotics
2. Concepts of the language that robots understands (Computer Programming)

Class 2:
1. Getting familiar with Microcontrollers
2. Arduino and other necessary hardware discussion

Class 3:
1. Blinkink an LED (beginning of Robotics)
2. Signal (Input & Output)
3. Signal (Digital and Analog)

Class 4:
1. Sensors and Actuators
2. Conditional tasks

Class 5:
1. Loop
2. Introduction to User defined Function
3. Getting in touch with “Processing 3”


1. Students must have the basic computer operation skills like creating and opening files,
browsing the internet etc.
2. Every Student must have an individual account on Tinkercad.
( www.tinkercad.com )
3. Every student must have the following Softwares installed in the Computer he/she is
a. Arduino (Version 1.8.12)
b. Processing (Version 3)