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About Photography Contest

Asian network of youth volunteers (ANYV) Society is a registered international society focusing on establishing secularism and non-discriminating Asia and the world. ANYV involved and successfully completed different national and international projects, Among them Energy Efficiency and Conservation Business Coalition funded by JICA, Bangladesh Digital Summit 2019, Rajbangshi Summit 2019, School Program, and Bangladesh Economy Survey 2019 Funded by China, are remarkable. “The Green Volunteers” is a regular online magazine published by ANYV. We are always standing beside the people in any emergency, i.e Team Building, Assisting during the disaster, during winter, during flash floods and many more.

During this pandemic, we are contributing to society with our best possible initiatives. As we know, more than 1 billion youth are having their daily life disrupted by the spread of COVID-19. Students, teachers, families, and every youth stuck in this uncertainty. They become bores, hopeless, exhausted, depressed, and unstable and hesitate to take any decision. Bearing all these into consideration, the Asian Network of Youth Volunteers (ANYV) Society has determined to stand beside them with knowledge and intelligence. To utilize their time ANYV is providing free online courses so that they can build their life in this pandemic and post-pandemic. We are very thankful to all 3502 registered students of 11 different courses from 17 countries.

ANYV is also going to arrange a photography contest! As the quarantine time increases, underprivileged people of our society are in crisis. Lower-middle class families, financially poor families are going to suffer the most during this time. In this situation, we have decided to extend our hand to those who need them. The funds we get from the photography contests will be forwarded to the corona affected people. As there are no registration fees, we have decided to raise funds by selling the photos we get from the participants.