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Mental Health: Gaining H.O.P.E Amidst Isolation

  • Mental Health: Gaining H.O.P.E Amidst Isolation

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Isabella Marie Q. Yasis

Country Director, Philippines –
Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society
Founder and President – Meraquay Home Philippines, Inc.

Email: isabellayasis.ph@gmail.com

No. of sessions: (3)
Duration of Every Session: 30 min.

Training Outline:

  • Definition of Mental Health
  • Definition of Isolation
  • The psychological definition of emotional healing process
  • The Five-Step of Emotional Healing Process
  • Origins and concept of learned optimism based on the branch of positive psychology
  • Concept of Learned Optimism Positive Psychology by Martin Seligman
  • Five Key Advantages of Learned Optimism
  • Definition of Positive Self Talk
  • Steps to Positive Self Talk
  • The importance and benefits of Positive Self Talk
  • Definition of Coping Strategy and problem-focused coping
  • Healthy strategies and activities while self-isolating
  • How to create/make a Coping Strategies Wheel

Training Desired Outcomes:


At the end of the training, I hope participants will be able to:

  • Identify (5) psychological steps about emotional Healing process in times of adversity;
  • Understand how learned Optimism can help a person in the midst of isolation/crisis;
  • Apply the importance and benefits of Positive self-talk for personal and professional development; And
  • Create helpful coping strategies through Engaging in healthy activities.