Asian Network of Youth Volunteers Society (ANYVS) is registered in Bangladesh under Society Act XXI 1860 No S-12565/2017 on 5th February 2017.

It is a Non-political, Non-profitable, Non-Govt., voluntary and Charitable Organization located Road 6/A, House 69/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The working area of the organization is all over in Bangladesh and abroad. The organization aims to provide knowledge on different national and international issues like, Volunteerism, Environmental sustainability, Climate changes, Health, Income generating option, access to ICTs, Human rights, Natural resource management, Renewable energy, etc. It is also disseminating knowledge among the poor, small & medium enterprises, youth and academia. The organization is engaging, advocating and facilitating different youth educators, and volunteer individual(s)/organization (s) to fulfill the goal of the organization.

The ANYV aims to establish Research Center for the nation and international development and to arrange Cultural Program, Sports, Fair Exhibition of Fine art/painting through display center, museum and mobile museum. It has intended to take initiatives to achieve SDGs and develop local and global partnership and to take various programme for social forestry, fisheries & agriculture and to establish poultry and livestock farms, hatcheries and nurseries to provide income generating activities for the poor landless people.

The organization is organizing different national and international solidarity programs like, natural disaster, fire and accident, health, famine, etc. and organize the seminar, conference, workshop, exhibition, demonstration dialogues and training to achieve its goal also undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program. And arranges the exhibition of Fine art / painting through display center, museum and mobile museum. The organization is also distributing relief among the neglected, poverty-stricken in the event of any natural calamity like flood, storm, cyclone and earth quack.

One of the main activities of the organization is to conduct survey, research, fieldwork, and focus group discussion to fulfill the objective of the foundation. The organization also provides & supports heath care, nutrition, blood donation program, eye checkup and treatment, Vaccination, for the poor. ANYVS aims to arrange or take up training activities like Handicrafts, Fashion & designing for literate and half-educated people for the purpose of increasing capability of works.

The organization is also intended to provide formal and Non-formal education to the Society in both rural and urban area and aims to Establish, run and maintain education institutions namely university, college, school, polytechnic, training center and research institutes for promotion of education, science, literature and fine arts with permission from concerned authority as and when necessary. It also aims to arrange/take up training activities of an improved educational program for literate and half-educated people for the purpose of increasing capability of works and to establish libraries, reading room, the study centre for developing the habit of study for the benefit of the Society. It is also intended to undertake the program for educational research on archeology and histories relics.

One main objective is to collaborate with the organizations, institutions, bodies, and societies in Bangladesh and abroad including relevant international agencies and constituents of the U. N. system interested in similar objectives and to cooperate with such institutions, bodies, and organizations for furthering the objectives and purposes of the association. To fulfill those objectives, the organization aims to obtain membership and to pay fees for the membership of any national or international bodies, institutions or organizations and to subscribe to their publications, if any, for furthering the objectives and purpose of the association.