The Criterion of Membership:

General members:

Any person of legal age willing to contribute to the objectives of the society. A person becoming a member of the society shall pay such sum and other dues as may be determined by the Executive Committee.

Associate member:

Individuals or Associations or Groups committed to development may be included by the Executive Committee become an Associate member without the right to vote

Volunteer member:

Enthusiastic individuals are committed to fulfilling the objectives of the society may be included by the Executive Committee to become a volunteer member without voting right. No admission fee is required.

A person shall cease to be a member of society.

i)Any member failing to pay the areas due for one consecutive year shall lose his membership.

ii)On death or registration.

iii) If found to be unsound mind by the Executive Committee.

iv)If any member(s) engage in anti-society activities the Executive committee can expel him from the society.

The executive committee is the supreme body for all matters of the society has the power to dissolve the executive committee if any dispute arises & constitute a new executive committee as per constitutional provision.